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Laminate and Engineered Wood Subfloor

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All in one Carpet and Laminate Subfloor - Foam and Carpet Pad
All-In-One is a moisture barrier and thermal break subfloor membrane. It's economically priced, highly versatile and comes in consumer friendly roll sizes.
  • Easy Installation / Do it Yourself
    All-In-One is 10x faster and 90% lighter than plywood covered subfloors. It's quick and easy to install requiring no fasteners
  • Low Profile - 1/8" (3mm)
    Designed to fit under most existing baseboards and door casings making it a favorite of renovators and contractors
  • Economically Priced
    A high performance, low cost subfloor membrane that saves you money by eliminating the need of additional expenses from plywood systems
  • Thermal Break = Warmer Floors
    The dimples in the membrane lift the floor off the cold concrete creating a dry, warm and comfortable floor
  • Permanent Moisture Barrier
    Made from tough long lasting plastic, All-In-One stops substrate moisture from absorbing into your floor
  • No Mold & Mildew = Healthier Homes
    All-In-One provides under floor ventilation allowing moisture to dry and helping to prevent mold and mildew growth

Ensure you allow the All-In-One Subfloor to climatize to room temperature before installing it.

All in One - 3 step process

ALl in One Specifications

Dimpled Sheet
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Compressive Strength
7800 psf ( 350 kN/m² )
Dimple Height
1/8" (3mm)

For a Dry Basement Floor, Don't Start Your Basement Project Without SUPERSEAL All-In-One Subfloor. Here's Why:

  • Instant comfort and warmth that is fast and easy to install

  • Blows away the competition when comparing cost and versatility

  • SUPERSEAL All-In-One subfloor is specially designed to control moisture and provide comfortable warm floors over concrete surfaces.

  • SUPERSEAL All-In-One subfloor will help stop the growth of Mold and Mildew in your floor.

  • If your planning on finishing your basement and do not want to go to the expense and labor, as with other types of subfloor products, SUPERSEAL All-in-One is the easy answer for wherever you want to have a comfortable dry floor finish.

  • SUPERSEAL All-In-One Subfloor is manufactured from a high density polyethylene that will continue to protect your laminate or carpet flooring long into the future and comes with a 20-Year Limited Product Warranty*.

  • SUPERSEAL All-In-One Subfloor ensures that small amounts of substrate moisture have an air chamber in which they can evaporate. This keeps that damp musty basement smell out.

  • The success and ability of All-In-One is widely accepted by flooring contractors, do it your selfers and home builders.

  • SUPERSEAL All-In-One Subfloor can increase the floor temperature by up to 30%.

  • You'll be glad that you finished your basement with SUPERSEAL All-In-One Subfloor

*contact superseal for warranty information.


Line underneath: construction floor slab with thermal insulation


Tape the Seams Install Laminate or Carpet