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Cool Facts - Foundation Cracks
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Foundation Cracks

A foundation crack can be found in all concrete and wood foundations. Foundation cracks are typically caused by an improper concrete slump, concrete shrinkage, expansive soils, premature backfilling, hydrostatic head water pressure and freeze and thaw cycles.

Cool Facts
  • 66% of all foundations crack within the first year of being poured
    Typically hairline cracks, which are virtually unable to be seen, can occur within the first 2 weeks. These cracks will only get worse and time goes by

  • Poured concrete is generally required to stay in the concrete forms for about 7 days. However, the removal of the concrete forms is typically done 1-2 days after the concrete is poured. Because of this, concrete cannot meet its strength factor, based on 7 or 28 days, which can result in weaker and cracked concrete

  • Concrete typically reaches 50% of its strength factor in 7 days and 90% in 28 days and takes years to fully cure. However, although concrete gets stronger as it gets older it also becomes more brittle

  • Concrete cracks give moisture a direct route into your home, however concrete is porous and has air pockets, which act like a sponge. Crack or not, if not protected, moisture will have easy access into your home

  • Concrete does not require much water to achieve maximum strength. In fact, a wide majority of concrete used in residential work has too much water. Water is added as a labor saving device to make the concrete easier to install. This excess water cannot only promote cracking but it can severely weaken the concrete

  • 60% of all homes built on expansive soils suffer from foundation distress

  • Approximately 50% of the land in North America contains expansive soil

  • Some foundation waterproofing coatings crack with the foundation and can degenerate or dissipate into the soil within 5-15 years leaving the foundation bare and unprotected

The SUPERSEAL Solution

With the knowledge that cracks are a fact in concrete construction, providing the proper and permanent protection from moisture for your foundation becomes that much more important. History has shown that the traditional spray on methods cannot offer the needed protection for your foundation. SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane provides a permanent barrier that allows your foundation to shift and settle while bridging gaps, normal cracks, voids and honeycombs effortlessly and easily. In addition, SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane is impervious to alkalines in both soils and concrete and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that it will last 300 years buried.

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