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Cool Facts - Radon Gas

Radon Gas

- Radon is a colorless, radioactive, inert gaseous element formed by the radioactive decay of radium. In some areas of the country, as many as one out of two homes have high levels of radon.

Cool Facts
  • Radon gas is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in North America

  • Twenty-two thousand people die from lung cancer each year in the United States from exposure to indoor radon

  • Living in a radon gas filled home with 4 pCi/L over 12 years is like smoking 10 packs of cigarettes per day or working for 5 years in a uranium mine

  • The EPA estimates that 1 out of every 15 homes have elevated levels of radon gas

  • Two thirds of US homes exceed the outdoor average level of 0.4 pCi/L

  • Radon is the heaviest known gas and is 9 times heavier than air

  • In the average basement, 38 million radon gas atoms will undergo radioactive decay every hour

  • The half-life of uranium is 4.5 billion years

The SUPERSEAL Solution

SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane is made out of a high density polyethylene membrane and is impervious to radon gas, alkalines and root penetrations. In addition, it's resistant to soil bacteria, fungi and a wide range of chemicals. SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane works with a radon ventilation system to help keep radon gas out of your home. If you think or know, you have high levels of radon gas use SUPERSEAL and consult a professional to eliminate this silent and odorless killer.

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