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Mission Statement

It is the goal of SUPERSEAL Construction Products to become the industry leader in providing builders, homeowners, engineers and architects with quality moisture control products that are effective, environmentally friendly and can withstand the test of time.

About Us

SUPERSEAL Construction Products is led by seasoned individuals in the fields of product development, engineering, marketing, advertising and sales with waterproofing experience dating back to the early 80's.

SUPERSEAL Construction Products found that the traditional methods of dampproofing or waterproofing did not offer complete protection for the life of the structure. Their inability to control both internal and external moisture has resulted in frequent callbacks. This, among other factors, has led SUPERSEAL to develop superior dampproofing and waterproofing systems for several types of construction applications.

Featuring air gap technology, SUPERSEAL developed the ultimate home waterproofing system that may not only control both internal and external moisture but will also last as long as your home. In addition, it will help prevent moisture damage, help reduce mold related problems and can improve the indoor quality of your home.

SUPERSEAL’s high performance air gap products are quickly becoming the dominant leader for most types of construction projects that require dampproofing or waterproofing protection. Whether it is a residential, commercial or an industrial project, SUPERSEAL provides moisture control products to meet your needs. The guaranteed outstanding performance, ease of use and low cost has made SUPERSEAL products widely accepted and favored by builders, waterproofing contractors and do-it-yourselfers across North America.

Dimpled air gap or drainage space used to drain water and remove hydrostatic headwater pressure off the foundation wall
SUPERSEAL Construction Products specializes in air gap membranes all across North America

Quick and easy to install air gap waterproofing products

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Air gap or drainage space used to drain water and remove hydrostatic headwater pressure

9 reasons to deal with SUPERSEAL Construction Products

1. Available throughout North America

SUPERSEAL manufactures, markets and distributes air gap membrane products through out North America. Our working system enables fast and easy access to all of our products.

2. Variety of air gap products

SUPERSEAL offers several different types of air gap membranes for moisture control. These moisture control products are each specialized for different drainage applications.

3. Sales Force

All of SUPERSEAL's sales representatives not only know the industry but have been field trained. They are able to understand and anticipate the customer’s needs while providing recommendations and solutions. SUPERSEAL continues to offer assistance even after the sale has been made.

4. Technical Support

Whether it is on-site training or dealing directly with your engineer, you can rely on a SUPERSAL technical representative to help get the job done right. SUPERSEAL's products also include fully illustrated step-by-step instructions to help ensure a quick and easy installation.

5. National Customer Service

SUPERSEAL's knowledgeable customer service staff can quickly answer or address any questions or needs that you may have on our products, services or opportunities. Always feel free to contact SUPERSEAL.

6. Quality Control

SUPERSEAL takes great pride in manufacturing our membranes or accessories to the highest standards. Most of our products have either Iso 9000 or regular audit control standards and are made from environmentally friendly plastics that may have recycled or regenerated plastic content.

7. Drainage Space

All of SUPERSEAL's products come with an air gap or drainage space. The air gap provides high strength and high flow solutions, for moisture and water to escape and drain away from the structure.

8. Largest Roll Sizes

SUPERSEAL's products are available in some of the largest variety of sizes in the industry. These roll sizes eliminate seams and reduce the installation time which saves on labor costs and waste.

9. No Specialized Equipment Needed

No specialized equipment and little or no surface preparation is required for the installation of most of SUPERSEAL's products.

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SUPERSEAL Construction Products specializes in air gap membranes all across North America line


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