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SUPERSEAL Plaster Base is a long lasting separating layer that controls moisture. It can be used with plaster and render coat applications, worldwide.
Plaster Membrane applying Plaster Memebrane

Retrofit - Plaster Base on wall, Tunnel Drainage on floor

Moisture Protection for Walls
Plaster Base, with its integrated mesh layer, protects against moisture and eliminates the need for additional nets or reinforcing layers to apply resurfacing finishes.

  • Damp interior walls
  • Basement and cellar retrofit
  • Tunnels and arches
  • Architectural applications
  • Restoration of historical buildings
  • Ventilation and humidity control for concrete or block walls
PLaster Membrane Roll

Plaster Membrane Roll Size

Plaster base installation fastening plugs and Perimeter Ventilation Strips

Dimpled Sheet
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Mesh Layer
Twist Woven High Density Polyethylene
Mesh Grid Size
3/16" (4mm)
Compressive Strength
3200 psf ( 150 kN/m² )
Dimple Height
5/16" (8mm)
Product Information

SUPERSEAL Plaster Base Membrane is fastened with plaster plugs on a 12" x 12" grid with perimeter ventilation strips. This system provides plaster and mud coats protection from moisture in underlying walls. The dimples provide a continuous ventilation air gap to dry out surface moisture or drain off water inflow. The plastic mesh ensures efficient bonding of the render or plaster coat.

SUPERSEAL Plaster Base Membrane creates healthy environments by way of the vertical air chamber created by the dimples in the membrane. The air chamber allows moisture to evaporate or drain off, not affecting the wall finish or the interior environment. SUPERSEAL Plaster Base Membrane is the ideal solution in all rooms in contact with the soil (cellars, garages, etc.) and in rooms above earth with rising humidity

Product Applications

SUPERSEAL Plaster Base Membrane is a specialty dimpled sheet used adjacent to damp walls to control moisture and allow resurfacing of above and below-ground structures. It is most commonly used for remediation of leaking commercial block walls, basement walls, tunnel arches, underground wine cellars or any surface requiring ventilation and drainage of damp interior walls.

Product Advantages

  • The integrated mesh provides an excellent bonding surface for plasters, render coats, spray-on foam and gunite, up to 1" (25 mm) thick
  • Optimum isolation of damp rooms
  • Ensures continuous air circulation and permanent dampness control in walls
  • Keeps plaster dry
  • Wide and easy to handle rolls result in rapid and low cost installation
  • Has an excellent chemical-biological resistance rating, is impervious to root penetration, rot-proof and unaffected by soil bacteria and fungi

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