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Superseal Waterproofing Membranes and Subfloors

SUPERSEAL manufactures plastic membranes that are formed in a dimple design to create an air gap between surfaces. This air gap in the membrane protects homes and buildings from damage caused by water, moisture, and dampness. The membranes control moisture coming from things like the backfill around your home or through the concrete slab you walk on. They also provide drainage to drain away water from roof structures and engineering projects.

Where you are building a new home and need to cover your foundation with the best waterproofing or installing carpet or laminate flooring in your basement SUPERSEAL has you covered with warranties up to 40 years. When you choose SUPERSEAL you can be assured that the products will be durable, affordable, and easy to use.

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We are the world’s leader in dimpled membrane technology

SUPERSEAL manufactures world leading waterproofing membranes and subfloors. SUPERSEAL designs and manufactures products to meet our customers’ challenges. The technologies have evolved many times to get us where we are today. SUPERSEAL strengths rely on providing membranes to a multitude of industries with our customers and partners worldwide.

Our products are designed for use in applications including residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and civil engineering. Most of our membranes have ICC-ES for the USA, CCMC for Canada, CE for Europe, and Interteck for ASTM standards. You can be assured that purchasing a SUPERSEAL product means you have a quality product and a warranty to back it up.

Benefits of a SUPERSEAL Subfloor – Imagine walking on a cold concrete floor with your bare feet, now imagine walking on the concrete floor with your shoes on. That is what the SUPERSEAL Advantage is.

SUPERSEAL foundation membrane products

More and more builders in new home construction and renovations projects are installing a subfloor under or over existing concrete floors. Not only does a subfloor raise the value of your home but it also improves the basement living space. When starting the installation of a new laminate, tile, hardwood, plywood, or any other type of floor on concrete, you can skip traditional concrete basement subfloor methods. Typically in the past, builders would install plastic sheeting and fasten wood slats on the concrete and cover with plywood. After a period of time, basement moisture would absorb into the insulation causing mould and mildew, creating an unhealthy environment. SUPERSEAL subfloor products absorb moisture and separate the flooring finishes away from the concrete floor.

How to prevent water & moisture from entering your home through the foundation

Regardless of the type or how you build a concrete foundation, the most common problem facing homeowners and contractors is a concrete foundation crack. A concrete foundation crack is perfectly normal as 66% of all concrete foundations crack within the first year. The major reason for cracks is concrete shrinkage and settling. A foundation is under enormous pressure from the earth and hydrostatic headwater pressure from the water in the surrounding soils. Your waterproofing material must protect any potential cracks in your foundation for many years to come. SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane comes with a 40 year warranty. It bridges the typical wall crack with ease; never allowing the backfill material to touch the foundation. It also leaves an air gap between the membrane and the wall, allowing the foundation to breathe and drain away any water into the perimeter drain. SUPERSEAL dimple membrane is packaged in various roll sizes to fit your needs.

Ceramic and natural stone floor tiles can be installed in most any room; however, they are most commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. SUPERSEAL tile subfloor is specially designed to protect these products

installing SUPERSEAL tile subfloor

SUPERSEAL tile subfloor is specifically designed to replace underperforming traditional tile floor application methods.  It separates your tile subfloor from the substrate base by blocking moisture, delimitation, and cracking from entering the new floor above. Faults from expansion and contraction in the base are virtually eliminated. In addition,   SUPERSEAL tile subfloor can have the tiles installed immediately after installation, making it easy and cost effective to install your new flooring.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are a very popular choice for new home construction and additions

Insulated Concrete Forms

SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane provides the maximum protection for your insulated concrete forms and is fast becoming the preferred choice. Spray on waterproofing may require a protection board on the ICF due to its softness. Without a protection board, the spray on coating could be damaged from backfill. In addition some coatings can literally eat the foam due to their solvent nature. When you’re waterproof your ICF with SUPERSEAL you can be assured it won’t damage the foams integrity as it is made from tough, long lasting plastic. It can be fastened to any type of foundation without the need of coatings in any weather condition.

What is R-Value and how can Superseal help you protect it

R-value insulation

R-value insulation ratings are used to measure the insulations ability to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the more effective it is. House insulation should be purchased based on its R-value, not thickness or weight. Protecting your house insulation and keeping your R-value high is extremely important. Water is one of the biggest concerns in regards to R-value and house insulation. If moisture/water gets into your house insulation, it lowers the R-value. The moisture will weigh down the insulation leaving gaps and bare spots.
SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane provides a permanent barrier against water/moisture from entering your home. It protects your house insulation and its R-value by helping keep your home dry and healthy.

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