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SUPERSEAL Construction Products is led by professional individuals, specializing in engineering, marketing, and sales with waterproofing experience dating back to the early 80's.

Our History

When it all started

Back in 1980, SUPERSEAL developed a waterproofing system that revolutionized the way water and moisture were stopped from entering homes and structures. Starting with a very small inventory of products, the founder drove across the country promoting the products. Eventually getting into trade shows, the products started becoming popular in  the construction markets. Since the products were primarily for the construction market, the founder thought he would try allowing the average consumer (homeowner) to purchase the products directly to install it themselves by a way of detail instructions. Again the products grew substantially to the company we have today.

Our vision for the future

air gap technology
Quick and easy to install air gap waterproofing products

It is the goal of SUPERSEAL Construction Products to set new industry standards by developing products to meet the ever changing market challenges. Our team of experts will continue to provide products that are effective, environmentally friendly, and can withstand the test of time.

Passionate About Product Innovation

We get excited to learn from our customers about the new ways they have come up with to use our products. With these new ideas in mind, the SUPERSEAL team meets regularly to see if we can develop a new product.

An example: A gentleman explained that he was using our dimple membrane product to put on top of his RV before covering it for the winter. His thought was that it would provide an air gap, so that if moisture got under the cover it would allow the moisture to ventilate and not get trapped causing the roof to rot.

Featuring Air Gap Technology

SUPERSEAL dimpled membrane is manufactured in such a way that it has an outer smooth surface and a dimpled inner surface. The space between the outer surface and the inner dimpled surface is called an air gap, which varies in size depending on the membranes use. The air gap space allows for moisture and water to freely travel to either a drainage system or to evaporate from within the air gap space. The air gap space that is created by the dimples also allows for a pressure-free zone, eliminating hydrostatic pressure that prevents water from building up a force against the surface. The dimples are applied to eliminate water from entering your home. This type of air gap system is found in the SUPERSEAL range of products, from foundation to subfloors. SUPERSEAL products are widely accepted and favored by builders, waterproofing contractors, and do-it-yourselfers around the world.

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Why choose SUPERSEAL


Easy to find the product you need

Our website is an easy way to find the product you need for the project you are working on. We have designed our website for you to find the product and any information you may need in a fast, easy format.


Great pricing / Save and secure transactions

SUPERSEAL products are available online at discounted prices all year long. Once you find the product you need, the price is right at your finger tips. All transactions are safe and secure. Any personal information you give us will be handled in the strictest confidence, according to our privacy policy.


Fast and easy shipping

We are partnered with trusted shipping companies. Once your order is placed, we will try our best to ship it out with in 24 hours. Once it has shipped, you will also get the tracking number to keep you up to date on where your order currently is. Shipping is typically 1 -5 days in North America.


Easy to use Products

No specialized equipment and little surface preparation is required for the installation of most SUPERSEAL products. You will find the products are easy to use and have excellent detailed instructions.


Customer Service and Tech Support

At SUPERSEAL, you will always get a person at the other end of the phone, who has the knowledge and expertise to answer your questions. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer, contractor, or engineer, you can rely on a SUPERSEAL technical representative to help get the information you need.


The best selection in the industry

SUPERSEAL products are available in some of the largest variety of sizes in the industry. These roll sizes eliminate seams and reduce the installation time, which saves on labor costs and waste.


Quality Control

SUPERSEAL membranes have ICC-ES for the USA, CCMC for Canada, CE for Europe, and Interteck for ASTM standards. You can be assured by purchasing a Superseal product you have a quality product and a warranty to back it up.

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