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Subfloor Membrane



  • Laminate & Carpet 3’3″ x 50′(162 sq. ft.) / 1m x 15m $116.64
  • Laminate & Carpet 3’7″ x 65’6″ (237 sq. ft.) / 1.10m x 20m $170.64
  • Laminate & Carpet 6’7″ x 50′ (324 sq. ft.) / 2m x 15m $233.28
  • Subfloor Tape$11.50


  • All-in-One 3’3″ x 50’10” (166 sq. ft.) / 1m x 15.5m $119.52
  • All-in-One 6’7″ x 50’10” (332 sq. ft.) / 2m x 15.5m $239.04
  • Subfloor Tape$11.50


  • Warm & Quiet 3’3″ x 32’8″ (108 sq. ft.) / 1m x 10m $110.16
  • Warm & Quiet 6’7″ x 32’8″ (215 sq. ft.) / 2m x 10m $219.30
  • Subfloor Tape$11.50


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  • Tack strips can be nailed through the membrane to hold the membrane in place, while it protects the entire floor assembly from moisture.
  • UNIQUE DOUBLE DIMPLE DESIGN : Allows both the substrate and the flooring to breathe.
  • EXTREMELY HIGH COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH: Furniture legs will not damage or crush it.
  • ULTRA THIN PROFILE: 0.11″ (2.8mm) : Fits under most existing baseboards and door casings, and provides minimal transitions between flooring surfaces.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – NO SPECIAL FASTENERS: Laminate & Carpet Subfloor is 10x faster and 90% lighter than plywood subfloors.
  • ECONOMICALLY PRICED: Eliminates additional costs as compared to plywood systems.
  • PERMANENT MOISTURE BARRIER : Stops substrate moisture from absorbing into underlay, carpet, and wood.


All-in-One is 10x faster and 90% lighter than plywood covered subfloors. It’s quick and easy to install, requiring no fasteners.

  • Low profile (1/8″ [3mm]) – Designed to fit under most existing baseboards and door casings, making it a favourite of renovators and contractors.
  • Economically priced – A high performance, low cost subfloor membrane that saves you money by eliminating the need for additional expenses from plywood systems
  • Thermal break = warmer floors – The dimples in the membrane lift the floor off the cold concrete, creating a dry, warm, and comfortable floor.
  • Permanent moisture barrier – Made from tough long lasting plastic, All-inOne stops substrate moisture from absorbing into your floor.
  • No mold & mildew = healthier homes – All-in-One provides under the floor ventilation, allowing moisture to dry, which helps prevent mold and mildew growth.


The integrated dimple and foam layers help to decouple the floor from the substrate. This isolates and maximizes the reduction of impact sound and vibration caused by foot fall noise.

  • Insulated floors – The dimples provide a thermal break and foam layer enhances thermal insulation, creating a warm and comfortable floor
  • Controls dampness – The air space created by the dimples provides under surface ventilation that allows rising dampness from the substrate to dry
  • Permanent barrier – Warm & Quiet Subfloor is a tough, long lasting plastic product that does not absorb moisture and helps prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • Easy installation – It is quick and easy to install, requiring no fasteners. It comes in user friendly, lightweight, and easy to transport roll sizes.

Laminate & Carpet Installation Instructions

All-In-One Install Instructions

Warm N Quiet Install Instructions


  • Acclimatize the roll (12-24 hours)
  • Sweep up all loose debris.
  • Ensure your floor is flat prior to installation.
  • Fill any low spots with a leveling compound.
  • Cut to fit leaving it ¼ inch away from the wall
  • Flip the membrane over
  • Butt all seams together and tape
  • Install flooring

Material and tools required:

  • Appropriate amount of SUPERSEAL Subfloor
  • Superseal tape
  • Tape Measure
  • Standard utility knife



Why would I use a subfloor membrane?

When finishing your basement it is important to consider the type of flooring material that you would use. Concrete floors typically have moisture within them or have moisture that can transfer through the concrete from the soil below the slab. This can come from cracks, shrinkage around the perimeter, or perimeter walls that have signs of weeping or leaks. If you install new flooring without a subfloor, the moisture can be absorbed directly into your new flooring. By installing SUPERSEAL Dimpled Subfloor Membrane, you will be lifting your new floor off the cold damp concrete. The dimples in the membrane provide an air gap, which allows small amounts of moisture to dissipate from within the air gap space.

What kind of flooring can I install on the membrane?

The Laminate & Carpet Subfloor Membrane – can be used with almost all types of flooring.

All-In-One Subfloor – can be used with interlocking laminate, engineered wood, and imitation tile.

Warm & Quiet – Can be used with 12mm or ½ inch laminate and engineered wood. In addition, by adding plywood to the top of the membrane you can install carpet and and various other types of flooring.

What is the warranty?

20 years against rot and break down.

How do you join the seams?

You use the SUPERSEAL Subfloor Tape. Unroll the membrane, butt the seams together and tape.

Do I need to use your tape?

SUPERSEAL’s Subfloor Tape is design specifically for the membrane and is part of the warranty. If you an alternative tape, it must be moisture proof.

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