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About Our Products

SUPERSEAL manufactures a variety of plastic membranes that are designed with dimples protruding on one or both sides that provide a separating space between surfaces they are allied to.

SUPERSEAL Dimpled Foundation Membrane

SUPERSEAL Dimpled Foundation Membrane is made of industrial High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is a tremendously popular product for: poured concrete foundations, insulated concrete forms, concrete block foundations, brick foundations, interior basement walls, subfloor applications, under floor slabs, and many other uses to control moisture and water from entering building structures.

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Carpet & Laminate Subfloor

Carpet & Laminate Subfloor is a moisture barrier and thermal break membrane with a unique double dimple design. Used in a subfloor application, the doubled dimple design provides two air spaces, allowing for air flow between the concrete floor and the membrane, as well as between your floor finish and the membrane. It is very easy to install and comes in user-friendly roll sizes. The low profile provides benefits such as easy transition from one floor finish to the next, along with leaving existing baseboards and door frames in place. In addition, carpet track strips can be place on the membrane for installation. This duel air space in unlike anything else on the market today and is very unique in its abilities to keep your home warm and dry.

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Tile Subfloor Membrane

Tile Subfloor Membrane is a unique design crack isolation membrane for use between tile and natural stone over concrete, wood, and a variety of surfaces to stop expansion and contraction cracks from transferring into the new floor finish above. This special made tile product has a duel fleece layer that aggressively bonds itself to the thinest layer of mortar. The plastic dimpled inner core provides an air gap that separates and stops moisture and cracks. SUPERSEAL tile subfloor is available in two convenient roll sizes for the consumer or contractor. It is easy to install and, while it is being installed, the tiles can be place immediately saving time and labor costs.

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