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High Flow Drainage

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  • High Flow 6’7″ x 65’6″ (431 sq. ft.) / 2m x 20m $538.75

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SUPERSEAL High Flow Dimpled Membrane is made from tough, long-lasting plastic that keeps exterior moisture out. It prevents backfill material from touching the foundation wall and bridges typical wall cracks with ease.


The dimples in the membrane create a drainage space that allows the wall to breathe. It keeps 100% of the headwater pressure off the face of the wall. This space allows moisture to condensate outward on to the membrane. By gravity, the moisture then falls to the footing drain for removal.

  • Can be installed on any type of exterior foundation wall.
  • Can be installed on interior basement walls, including those with a french drain.
  • Can be installed under floor slabs to control and drain away water/moisture.
  • Can be used in subfloor applications such as the protection of flooring materials, controlling water seepage and increasing floor temperatures.

Concrete Slab

  • Install SUPERSEAL High Flow Drainage Membrane with the dimples facing down.
  • Butt all seams together and caulk with a tar based mastic to hold joins in place.
  • Please note: Standard procedures for reinforcing and concrete are still necessary.
  • OPTIONAL: At the edge of the floor bend the membrane up the wall higher then slab level to allow airgap between the wall and slab (Can be trimmed later if desired).


Under Slab Spec Sheet

Green Roof Spec Sheet


Dimpled Sheet
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Compressive Strength
3,200 psf (150 kN/m² )
Drainage Capacity
6,000 l/h/m
Dimple Height
.79″ (20mm)
Membrane Thickness
40mil (1.0mm)

1) What is SUPERSEAL High Flow Drainage?
SUPERSEAL High Flow Drainage is an environmentally friendly, 40-mil polyethylene membrane with ¾“ high and 1 5/8 wide dimples ensuring constant maximum drainage and insulation under even the most difficult conditions. The air gap is able to perform as damp pressure equalizing ventilating or drainage. SUPERSEAL High Flow Drainage is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, impervious to root penetration, rot-proof and unaffected by soil bacteria, fungi and alkaline environments. For green roof and landscape applications the membrane ensures excellent root aeration and is approved for drinking water applications. SUPERSEAL High Flow Drainage is available perforated and non-perforated.

2) What is SUPERSEAL High Flow Drainage used for?
SUPERSEAL High Flow Drainage provides reliable full surface drainage in tunnels, retaining walls, lagging walls, earth shelters and other underground structures exposed to heavy groundwater flow. It is also used for land bank stabilization and drainage in conjunction with shotcrete, highway construction, bridges, plaza decks, green roofs and seedling nursery growth.

3) Will I need any special tools or equipment? 
No, there are no special tools and equipment needed to install SUPERSEAL High Flow Drainage. You will need a hammer, a utility knife and some nails. For more details, click here for the installation instructions on SUPERSEAL High Flow Drainage.

4) How long will SUPERSEAL High Flow Drainage take to install?
The time it takes to install SUPERSEAL High Flow Drainage depends on the type of the application and the size of the job. SUPERSEAL High Flow Drainage is simply unrolled onto the area to be protected, cut to shape (if needed) and fastened to the structure. For more details, click here for the installation instruction on SUPERSEAL High Flow Drainage.

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