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Internal Moisture

Internal Moisture

Internal moisture, usually in the form of humidity, can cause condensation on the surface of walls, as well as condensation inside the wall itself. The goal when considering moisture protection is to avoid allowing moisture, either from external or internal sources, to damage the building or make the building uncomfortable. Where the humidity is high or where the concrete is exposed to frequent precipitation, the internal moisture content will remain high. Protective systems applied to moisture-laden structures can fail prematurely if moisture movement within and through the structure is not considered. Moist walls can allow mold to grow, cause surface discolouration and cause damage to plaster and wall finishes. Certain spray-on waterproofing coatings may trap moisture within your home. 95% of the moisture entering a building enters through air infiltration. 5% of the moisture enters by diffusion through building materials. Approximately 1 cup of water can move through a 10″ X 10″ section of painted wall per year by diffusion, but as much as 5 gallons can get through a ¼” hole in your foundation per minute. Mopping the floor in a 150-square-foot kitchen can release the equivalent of 4.5 pints of water into the air, a shower or bath about 1/2 a pint. Also, a family of 4 gives off about 1/2 a pint of water per hour just by breathing.

The SUPERSEAL Solution: Moisture is created within your home from several sources, cooling systems, ice makers, etc. Some waterproofing methods can trap moisture in the home not letting the foundation breathe. Since the air gap membrane is closer to the soil, it becomes the coldest surface causing the moisture to attract to it instead of the inside of your home. When the moisture hits the air gap, it percolates down to the footing drain for removal. The membrane may continually draw moisture from within your house outwards, year after year. SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane will help decrease the level of moisture inside your home.

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