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Radon Gas – In some areas of the country, as many as one out of two could have homes have high levels of radon.


Radon gas is a colourless, radioactive, inert, gaseous element formed by the radioactive decay of radium. If you think or know you have high levels of radon gas, use SUPERSEAL and consult a professional to eliminate this silent and odourless killer. Radon gas is a leading cause of lung cancer in North America. It is reported thousands of people die from lung cancer each year from exposure to indoor radon. Living in a home that has high levels of a radon gas can be compared to smoking many cigarettes per day. Radon is the heaviest known gas and is 9 times heavier than air. In a radon contaminated basement, up to 38 million radon gas atoms will undergo radioactive decay every hour.

The SUPERSEAL Solution: SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane is made out of a high-density polyethylene membrane and is impervious to radon gas, alkaline, and root penetrations. In addition, it’s resistant to soil bacteria, fungi and a wide range of chemicals. SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane works with a radon ventilation system to help keep radon gas out of your home.

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