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Tile Subfloor - The #1 Rated Tile Anti-Fracture and Waterproof Membrane



  • Seam Cloth 5″ x 16.6′ $19.99
  • Tile Subfloor 3’3″ x 32.8′ (108 sq. ft.) / 1m x 10m $71.28
  • Seam Cloth 5″ x 98.6′ $83.58
  • Tile Subfloor 3’3″ x 98.5′ (323 sq. ft.) / 1m x 30m $245.48


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Is a uniquely designed dimpled crack isolation membrane. The plastic dimpled anti-fracture membrane separates the tile assembly from the substrate and allows for movement. This prevents cracks from transferring through to the finished tile floor. It can be bonded to concrete or plywood substrates. The heat bonded fleece accelerates the curing time of the thinset and guarantees 100 % contact to both, the top and the bottom. It is lightweight, easily cut, and quick to install. Superseal has been tested to an EXTRA HEAVY rating through the tile council of North America. It is available in two roll sizes. Also compatable with most infloor heat mats.



SUPERSEAL Tile Subfloor was extensively tested by the Tile Council of North America, and received the highest rating possible: “Extra Heavy.” This testing assures you that you are using a proven product for your residential or commercial application.


SUPERSEAL Tile Subfloor and the tiles can be installed in a continuous non-stop installation from beginning to end.


The unique characteristics of SUPERSEAL Tile Subfloor allows modified thinsets to be used with porcelain and ceramic tiles. Some anti-fracture systems require modified and unmodified thinset.


The membranes special fleece layers enhance the curing process. It increases tile adhesion by up to 5 times. Grouting of the tiles can be completed sooner.


The membrane’s unique surface also allows for pencil marks and chalk lines to stay permanent during the layout procedure. This is a huge advantage, especially when time is money.


Thousands of dimpled concrete pillars isolate the tiles from potential floor base cracks. The membrane’s unique hydrating process allows the thinset to maximize the bond within the tile floor assembly.


The preferred and most common installation of heat mats is directly on the substrate; however, you can also install heat mats on top of SUPERSEAL Tile Subfloor.

Tile Subfloor Installation Instructions







Apply Thinset

Press in tile subfloor

Install Tiles

Where Can I buy SUPERSEAL Tile Subfloor?

SUPERSEAL Tile Subfloor can be purchased on our website and will be shipped within 1 business day by FedEx. Depending where you are located, it takes an average of 2-5 days.

What roll sizes does the membrane come in and will I need a truck to transport it?

The rolls are light weight, compared to other products. They are very easy to fit into most vehicles – even a smart car could carry them. The rolls come in the following sizes:

  • 3’3″ x 32.8′ (1m x 10m)
  • 3’3″ x 98.5′ (1m x 30m)
How thick is the tile subfloor?

It is 1/8th of an inch or 3mm. The thin profile of the membrane allows the user to install it and not loose ceiling height or have issues with wall moldings and door casings as compared to other types of thicker products.

How does SUPERSEAL Tile Subfloor work?

With a dimpled surface and a fleece layer on both sides of the plastic inner core the membrane provides and air gap between the existing substrate that may have cracks. The inner plastic sheet provides a separating waterproof layer keeping water and moisture from transferring from either direction. The fleece layers unlike any other tile subfloor has have very aggressive surface that quickly bonds the thinset to the membrane creating a super strong structure protecting the floor finish.

What is the time frame it takes to install as compared to other product?

SUPERSEAL Tile subfloor is very straight forward. Mark out the area with a caulk line as to where the tile floor will be installed. Unroll and pre-cut the membrane unless it is a very large area. Mix the thinset to consistency and apply over the existing floor and then roll out the membrane embedding it into the thinset ensuring there is a 100% surface contact with the thinset. You can either start installing the tile right away (there is no waiting time required) or you can wait for the thinset to harden up in a case of a larger area and install the tiles.

What is the minimum tile size I can use?

The minimum tile size requirement is 2” x 2”. If the tiles are smaller than 2” they would have to be the type that come on a pre attached backing that holds them all together. This type is typically used in showers, counter tops, and back splashes.

Can I use the tile subfloor on vertical wall application?

It is not typically used in this manner, but is more than acceptable if it is properly bonded using a fast set thinset.

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