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Foundation Membranes Dimpled Membrane for Interior Applications - French Drain


SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane is the perfect solution for waterproofing or mitigating water infiltration in your finished or unfinished basements:

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  • 3’6″ x 65’6″ (230 sq. ft.) SSDM / 1.07m x 20m $138.00
  • 5’0″ x 65’6″ (325 sq. ft.) SSDM / 1.50m x 20m $195.00
  • 6’0″ x 65’6″ (393 sq. ft.) SSDM / 1.83m x 20m $235.80
  • 6’7″ x 65’6″ (431 sq. ft.) SSDM / 2.00m x 20m $271.53
  • 7’4″ x 65’6″ (480 sq. ft.) SSDM / 2.24m x 20m $312.00
  • 7’11” x 65’6″ (518 sq. ft.) SSDM / 2.40m x 20m $336.70
  • 8’11” x 65’6″ (583 sq. ft.) SSDM / 2.70m x 20m $458.10
  • 9’11” x 65’6″ (648 sq. ft.) SSDM / 3.00m x 20m $503.60
  • 11’6″ x 65’6″ (754 sq. ft.) SSDM / 3.50m x 20m $580.02
  • 13’2″ x 65’6″ (861 sq. ft.) SSDM / 4.00m x 20m $788.80
  • DimpleGrip Molding (Bundle of 40 ft)$45.11
  • Membrane Cap Molding (Bundle of 40 ft)$21.95
  • SuperPlug (Bag of 50)$15.59
  • Small Plug (Bag of 100)$11.02


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Healthier Homes start with SUPERSEAL.

Helps to control moisture from entering into soft surfaces, such as couches, carpet, laminated wood, etc. By installing SUPERSEAL the membrane can help to control moisture from within concrete floors and walls from getting into the living space. It can be used as a subfloor under new floor finishes, and it can be used as a wall barrier for leaking or damp walls. Along with a ventilating system SUPERSEAL can provide a much dryer basement.

How to save money by using SUPERSEAL membrane to make your basement dry

You have a basement with exterior walls that are damp or leaking. Your choices are:

Option #1 install: SUPERSEAL membrane on the inside of the foundation connected to a French drain, eliminating the water from getting into the basement. This may be the most cost effective way with the least amount of labour.

Option #2: Remove you landscaping and sidewalks, and dig out the exterior of your foundation. Install a new drain system and SUPERSEAL membrane, and then replace the landscaping and sidewalks.

Dimpled Foundation Membrane Interior French Drain Application

Pick a roll size that goes from the exterior grade height down the wall to the French drain system. Example: Let’s say the wall is 7 feet to grade height and you need another foot to make it into the French drain. The roll size would be 7 feet 11 inches. Allow for bends and curves to ensure you have enough membrane.

Install the membrane to the grade height marked on the wall and fasten every 5 feet with a SuperPlug 4 inches from the top. Then fasten the membrane in the middle and at the bottom. Use a tar base or caulk to seal around the nail head.

Ensure the end of the membrane goes into the French drain stone and that the drain goes to a sump pump or to day light by gravity.

Finish the membrane by installing an end cap and top cap. If you can fasten the membrane to the framing plate you will not need a top cap. The purpose of installing the membrane from the grade height to the French drain and capping the edges is to ensure that the entire wet surface is enclosed within the membrane. This helps eliminate the surface moisture from getting into the moving air within the basement, which will then absorb into soft surfaces, such as couches and carpets.


SuperPlugs– Fastens the membrane to the wall

Membrane Cap molding (optional) to cap the sides or the top if required

SM36107 3’6″ X 65’6″ 230ft² 29 lbs 1.07m x 20m 21.4m² 13kg
SM50150 5’0″ X 65’6″ 325ft² 40 lbs 1.5m x 20m 30m² 18kg
SM60183 6’0″ X 65’6″ 393ft² 49 lbs 1.83m x 20m 36.6m² 22kg
SM67200 6’7″ X 65’6″ 431ft² 53 lbs 2.0m x 20m 40m² 24kg
SM74224 7’4″ X 65’6″ 480ft² 59 lbs 2.24m x 20m 44.8m² 27kg
SM80240 7’11” X 65’6″ 518ft² 64 lbs 2.4m x 20m 48m² 29kg
SM81127 8’11” X 65’6″ 583ft² 72 lbs 2.7m x 20m 54m² 33kg
SM91130 9’11” X 65’6″ 648ft² 80 lbs 3.0m x 20m 60m² 36kg
SM11635 11’6″ X 65’6″ 754ft² 93 lbs 3.5m x 20m 70m² 43kg
SM13204 13’2″ X 65’6″ 861ft² 107 lbs 4.0m x 20m 80m² 47kg
Tested and Passes The Following

ICC ESR-3107CCMC# 13098-RCCMC# 13099-R, CGSB, NBC 9.13.3, & IRC R405, R406

Dimpled Sheet
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Available Colors
Black (Standard), Brown (Special order)
Compressive Strength
5200 psf (250 kN/m² )
Dimple Height
5/16″ (8mm)
Fire Rating
B2 (DIN 4102)

Spec Sheet


CCMC – Dampproofing

CCMC – Drainage

Dimpled Foundation Membrane Brochure

Interior French Drain Installation

How do I use SUPERSEAL membrane to control the water and moisture that is leaking through my foundation wall?

You can use SUPERSEAL to manage the water that comes into your home from a cracked foundation. You install it and connect the bottom of it into a French drain system.

I have a rising water table in my basement, how do I control the water using SUPERSEAL?

Install the membrane with the dimples down and pour a new concrete floor over the membrane. The space created between the dimples and old floor will allow the water to be directed to the drain system. Ensure the drainage system is located in areas were the water needs to be removed from.

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